lip blush

What is This Trend in Lip Blush 2024?—And, Why Would you Want It?

Lip blush has taken the beauty world by storm, offering a semi-permanent solution for those seeking to enhance their natural lip color and shape.  From subtle tints to bolder hues, this is a versatile cosmetic procedure that can transform your smile effortlessly. Read more into what lip blush is, why it’s become a must-have, the … Read more

korean lip gradient for asian lip makeup

Learn How To Achieve Korean Gradient Asian Lip Makeup in Just 4 Steps!

Asian lip makeup paved the way to the makeup world recently, as it created noises for its minimalist yet stunning technique. Just like asian eye makeup, which highlights the unique shape and structure of asian eyes, asian lip makeup celebrates the diversity and beauty of Asian lips. From soft, subtle looks to bold, statement-making styles, … Read more

asymmetrical lips

Embracing Uniqueness: The Story of Asymmetrical Lips

Whether you were born with naturally uneven lips or acquired them due to aging or injury, asymmetry can impact your confidence and self-image.  Asymmetrical lips—a topic often overlooked in the beauty world but one that affects many individuals. In this article, we’ll explore the journey of embracing asymmetrical lips, from understanding their causes to exploring … Read more

summer lip balm

Summer Lip Balm: A Savior in the Heat

A Savior in the Heat Whenever summer approaches, the rising temperatures come along, and our lips often bear the brunt of the scorching sun and dry conditions. It’s crucial to pay attention to our lips’ health during this season, and one way to do that is by choosing the right summer lip balm. Let’s delve … Read more