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Best Red Lipstick For Fair Skin – 3 Key Steps For You

Give a woman the right red lipstick and she’ll conquer the world.  Everyone knows that with great power comes with great responsibility, and having that great power should dress up neatly and sophisticated. But what about the makeup? How should you choose what look you are going for? Red lipstick is most women’s go-to lipstick … Read more

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Your Lips Will Surely Love These! – Top 5 Organic Lip Balms of 2022

There are a lot of lip balms on the market, but how many of them are organic? Not many, which is why organic lip balms are a great option. What does it mean to be organic? Organic lip balms are made with organic ingredients, which means they’re free of harsh chemicals and other harmful ingredients. … Read more

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These Moisturizing Tinted Organic Lip Balms Aren’t Your Average Lipstick — They’re Better!

Tinted organic lip balms are the go-to rescuer when you don’t feel like putting on lipstick or lip gloss. Give your pout some tender, love & care and amp up your look with the help of these miraculous small pots, tubes, and sticks, which contain all the water and nourishment you need. I’M MEME Pep! … Read more

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What are the New Vinyl Lipsticks? — Top 3 That Are Worth A Try!

Tired of wearing matte lipsticks that look dull and dry? Then it’s time to try vinyl lipsticks! They function just like lip glosses but with a twist.  What are Vinyl Lipsticks?  Vinyl Lipstick is a liquid lipstick that is formulated to produce a shiny, vinyl-like finish. It offers high-pigmented colors, similar to what you get … Read more

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Which is Which? — Top 6 Lip Gloss Brands That Are Surely Worth It

Lip glosses used to be in every girl’s purse back in the day. However, with so many beauty products being introduced year after year, lip glosses lose their fame overtime. Thanks to social influencers from different social media platforms, lip glosses found their way back to glory and fame AGAIN! As a result of the … Read more

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Lips Tints That Make You The Crowd Stopper – 2022 Best Lip Tints and Stains

Korean fashion is the new talk in town, starting from their k-pop artists, outfits, skin care and makeup, everything is on trend! There is this new k-beauty lip product that is starting to make way to its fame around the world.  Lip tints, sometimes called “lip stains” are becoming popular in Asian countries because they … Read more

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5 Secret Hacks in Applying Lipstick Perfectly

They say, “Give a woman the right lipstick and she’ll conquer the world”. Don’t you agree? Your lips are one of your most prominent facial features. A bold lip color, even if it’s worn with minimal makeup, can be a striking statement piece to your overall look. Lipstick empowers a woman. Yet, even an empowered … Read more