Lip Balm Expiration 101: Find Out How Long Does Lip Balm Last

Does lip balm expire? Can I still use an old lip balm? How long does lip balm last?

As you read this article, I’m guessing you’re checking an old lipstick to see if it can still be used. You might find an old lip balm that was lurking in a bag you haven’t used for a long time, a pocket of your coat that you forgot existed, or maybe just a balm you stopped using because you bought a new one with a more indulging flavor.

But is it still safe to use? Have you looked at the date it says when it was made? Does it say expiration or best before?

Let’s talk more about this as you read on.

Differentiate: Expiration Date vs Best Before

People often think that the “best before” date is the same as the “expiration date.” Because of this, most of the time, products that have passed their “best before” date are thrown away.

But that should not always be the case. 

Best Before Date

On the package of a product, the “best before” date tells you when the effectiveness period of the product ends. This date informs consumers that the unopened goods should be in excellent condition until the specified date.

It is also good to note that “best before” dates do not guarantee that the product is a hundred percent safe. After the date, it may lose its freshness, taste, smell, or nutrients. However, this does not necessarily indicate that the product is no longer safe to consume. One may use his senses to know if the product is still viable for usage.

Expiration Date

Expiration dates inform consumers of the final day a product is safe for consumption. To avoid adverse consequences, it is safe to discard products past their expiration date. Certain products with specific ingredient compositions may fail after the expiration date.

Ingredients That Have Impact on Lip Balm Shelf Life

Every product has ingredients that cause its shelf life to expire. Of course, your balm isn’t an exemption. Try finding one of these ingredients listed below, that if added in a lippie could cause them to expire:

Aluminum sulfate


Colloidal oatmeal








Titanium dioxide

White petrolatum

Zinc oxide

These components are more likely used for sunscreen and skin protectant properties, commonly found in skin care products such as lip balms. While looking for a new balm to purchase, you might want to consider checking for these chemicals on the list. These items will speed up the process of your product faltering up, especially when it lapses the expiration date. 

Although finding these scientific terms could be a cross-eyeing problem then just see to it to look for the date stamped on it.

How Long is Lip Balm Good For?

All cosmetic products do expire. As for lip balms, typically its shelf life  is between 18 months and three years after purchase. It is more advisable that when you purchase a product, be sure to check the expiration first, to use it at its fullest extent. 

How to Extend The Shelf Life of Your Lip Balm

​​There is little we can do to extend the shelf life of lip balms beyond the expiration date; however, we can maximize their shelf life by finding ways to preserve them.

The most important thing to remember is to always store lip balms in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight and heat. If they are improperly stored, they will overheat and begin to melt faster than usual.

Return the lid after each usage to prevent the balm from drying out. The cap maintains its freshness. Do not remove the lid’s cap until you are ready to use it.

Fist the Gist

It is usual to keep using the same makeup products for years. Just be sure to check the date stamped on the item to determine whether you can still use it after a few years from the date of purchase.

When it has passed its expiration date, it is preferable to dispose of it rather than risk probable skin problems as a side effect. Take care of your beauty tools just as how you take care of yourself.

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