Achieve That Pink, Healthy Lips! – 9 Tips on How To Have Healthy Lips

When it comes to skin care, most people pay attention to the face, neck, and chest, which are more sensitive. It’s easy to forget that your supposed to be healthy lips also need care, especially if you live in a harsh climate or if your lips tend to get chapped. Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and need special care. Here are some tips on how to maintain and keep that hydrated, healthy lips:

What Should I NOT do?

Do NOT lick your lips

Avoid licking your lips, as this will dry them out. Although your lips may feel hydrated at first, the saliva will evaporate, leaving them drier than before. Because lips have no natural defenses against outside influences, they are negatively impacted by every touch and lick.

Avoid breathing through your mouth

Dryness can be worsened by the habit of breathing via the mouth instead of the nose. More airflow across the lips might cause the saliva there to dry up, resulting in chapped lips. If your lips seem drier than usual, try inhaling through your nose instead.

Do NOT peel off flaky lip skin

Peeling off flaky skin can cause a cold sore, cause bleeding, and lead to an infection. Sores on lips, if not properly treated could result in scars and darkening of lips. No one wants that, so, if your lips are chapped, use a lip balm that contains petrolatum or beeswax to help seal in moisture. You may find moisturizing organic lip balms here, read on: Moisturizing Tinted Organic Lip Balms Aren’t Your Average Lipstick — They’re Better!

Quit smoking!

Smoking can damage the delicate skin on your lips. It has an accelerating factor on the destruction and damage of skin cells and the loss of collagen. Smoking can cause damage to the skin’s protective layers and a general darkening of the skin.

Stop using old, expired lip products!

It’s not a good idea to hang on to outdated lip glosses and lipsticks. They are susceptible to becoming dry, becoming bad, and in the worst cases, may get caught in an infection.

How to have healthy lips?

What Should I Do?


Your lips require exfoliation just like your face. Remove dry, dead skin flakes by gently brushing your lips with a damp, soft toothbrush or towel. Scrubbing your lips should be an integral element of your regular lip care routine. Use a lip scrub two or three times a week, whether it’s a homemade version like honey and brown sugar, or anything you can buy from the store.

Protect your lips

Apply lip balm or lipstick with SPF regularly, especially if you are going to be outside in the sun. Lip balms with an SPF of 15 or higher offer protection from the sun’s rays, which can cause irreversible damage to the lips.

Use a lip mask

Apply a lip mask once or twice a week to deeply hydrate your lips. Products that moisturize the lips begin their healing process at the surface of the skin and make their way deeper into the lip tissue. This is most beneficial to persons who have that chapped, flaky lip skin.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Drink plenty of water to keep your lips hydrated from inside out. In order to prevent dry lips, staying hydrated is important. 

Lips, that lack oil glands like the rest of your skin, are more prone to drying and chapping than other parts of your body. Keep your lips from drying out by drinking plenty of water. Drinking the recommended daily amount of water (eight glasses) has various health benefits, including improved lip health. Your lips will seem more full and pink as a result of the hydration from drinking water.

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