How to Prevent and Treat Chapped Lips– #1 Secret You Can Easily Do!

Lip skin is extremely sensitive to environmental elements such as temperature, wind, moisture, and UV damage. Chapped lips are almost always a problem.

It starts in the fall, when the weather starts to get cooler, and gets worse in the winter when it’s very cold and dry. Most people carry a balm in their pockets to prevent their lips from peeling, bleeding and getting big, painful cracks.

Most people say it helps, others say it’s addicting. Let’s see why.

What is Chapped Lips and How Do You Get it?

How to prevent and heal chapped lips

Most of the skin on your body is covered in hair, whether it’s dense and obvious like the hair in your armpits or fine and barely there like the peach fuzz on your cheeks. The follicles, which are the structures from which hairs emerge, secrete and function as the production of oil in skins.

Except for the lips, of course. Moisturizing the lips is not possible on its own because the lips don’t have those pores and follicles that hydrate on their own. Thus, they might become inflamed or chapped due to dehydration. 

Scientifically, chapped lips are considered as “lip inflammation”, accompanied by peeling and flaking. It can be brought on by things like a change in the weather or the consumption of a food to which the body has an allergic reaction.

For a one-time remedy to this problem, simply go for a container of your go-to lip balm. Ensure that you are using a lip balm that really moisturizes your lips.

What do lip balms do?

The skin on your lips is very thin compared to the rest of your body. Making it more likely to get hurt or broken. That is why, drying lip skin is really aggravating. Lip balms are our go-to for protecting our precious pouts from cracking and chapping.


With these balms, your lips won’t get dry and flaky. And don’t let your lip skin crack so much that it bleeds.

A good lip balm will help get rid of this unpleasant feeling and make your lips look smooth, soft, and shiny.

Makes lips shine

Lip balms help get rid of dead skin cells on the lips. This will help make new skin grow, which will make it look brighter and lessen the amount of unwanted pigmentation.

Keeps lips safe from the sun

Some balms have sunscreen in them, which would help protect your lips from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Constant sun exposure without protection will lead to hyperpigmentation and dry skin in the long run.
Make sure your use is reasonable and you don’t get dependent on it. Find out if “Do Lip Balms Really Work?” is just hype or not, by reading our article.

Best way on how to treat chapped lips

You should stop licking and picking your chapped lips starting now! 

Instead of risking more irritation, use a lip balm to calm your lips. If the cold, windy weather is to blame for your chapped lips, try alleviating the situation by moving indoors, turning on a humidifier, or guzzling up lots of water.

You can get instant comfort by exfoliating your lips. Though it may sound not helpful, exfoliating chapped lips can actually help them heal faster by eliminating dry, flaky skin as long as there are no open wounds or sores.

A combination of sugar and an emollient, such as shea butter, can be massaged into the lips to exfoliate and soften them. Another option is to use petroleum jelly. Instead of adding an abrasive ingredient, just massage the petroleum jelly over your lips with a cloth or toothbrush.

Apply your preferred lip balm after exfoliating. Use a balm with ceramide and hyaluronic fatty acids, which are two of the most effective hydrating substances. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline (or your preferred option) to the surface to seal in the moisture.

Simply avoid excessive exfoliation. Limit yourself to no more than twice weekly to protect your lips.

Can lip balm become addicting?

Yes. There is a thing called lip balm addiction, and it is real. 

There’s no doubt that the balm keeps your lips moist and makes them feel better as soon as you put it on. But once it wore off, it would make you feel dry and uninterested. When it feels dry again, it makes a person want to put more lip balm on, even if they don’t need to.

Key Takeaways

Lip balms are safe to use every day, but only a little bit at a time. Don’t use it dozens of times a day, because that would hurt more than it will help.

Lip balms are a great short-term way to give your dry, cracked lips some moisture. Try not to lick your lips. The moisture in their bodies will be taken away by saliva.

Always hydrate yourself. Nothing beats drinking enough water every day. It will be good for your body and lips.

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