What are the New Vinyl Lipsticks? — Top 3 That Are Worth A Try!

Tired of wearing matte lipsticks that look dull and dry? Then it’s time to try vinyl lipsticks! They function just like lip glosses but with a twist. 

What are Vinyl Lipsticks? 

Vinyl Lipstick is a liquid lipstick that is formulated to produce a shiny, vinyl-like finish. It offers high-pigmented colors, similar to what you get from mattes, but results in a glossy sheen, just like what you get from lip glosses, which has made it the new buzz of the town. 

Unlike other high-shine liquid lipsticks, Vinyl Liquid Lipstick doesn’t dry out your lips. Which makes it even greater!

Which is Better: Matte vs Vinyl vs Lip Gloss Lipstick 

Different kinds of lipstick make your lips look in different ways, depending on how you will wear them. The table below will  help you tell each other apart.

MatteVinylLip Gloss
Long wearYesYesNo
Highly PigmentedYesYesNo
Shiny & SmoothNoYesYes
Matte Finish YesNoNo
Smudge ProofYesDepend on the brandNo

A tough and empowered look is best achieved with matte lipsticks. With a finish that lasts long and is heavily pigmented, especially one that doesn’t glisten, it gives off a serious vibe.

The vinyl lipsticks, on the other hand, provide all the essentials while also adding a lustrous, glossy finish to your look. Using this, your lips won’t appear dry and stern. Best on occasions where you need to have that extra shine and radiance!

Lastly, lip glosses are ideal for a casual, everyday look. Buying to a shop nearby, running for a short errand, having zoom meetings, would be the perfect time to wear lip glosses. Wearing it for a long period of time is not recommended due to its short-lived formulation. Even so, it’s a go-to for a fresh, clean look.

Top 3 Vinyl Lippies That Are Worth The Try

Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish

Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish

What I like about this:
✓ Highly Pigmented and true to its name, High Shine
✓ Has a lot of shades to choose from
✓ Moisturizing, doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry
✓ Easy application, lip gloss type applicator

What I don’t like about:
✗ Takes time to set
✗ Not 100% smudge-proof

Maybelline Super Stay Vinyl Ink

Maybelline Super Stay Vinyl Ink

What I like about this:
✓ Gives of glossy finish
✓ Lots of shades to choose from
✓ Vegan formulated, no animal derived ingredients
✓ Sets fast
✓ Smudge-proof

What I don’t like about:
✗ Gives off a sticky feeling sometimes
✗ Does not stay long enough just as advertised

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl

What I like about this:
✓ Perfect if you are into luxury items
✓ Small packaging, perfect for travel use
✓ Moisturizes and hydrates lips

What I don’t like about:
✗ Limited hues to choose from
✗ Does not stay long enough
✗ Smudges

How you want to look in the end will affect which lipstick you choose. Whether it would be a matte, vinyl, lip gloss, or any form of lippie, just find the right product for the right occasion and you are good to go!

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