Which is Which? — Top 6 Lip Gloss Brands That Are Surely Worth It

Lip glosses used to be in every girl’s purse back in the day. However, with so many beauty products being introduced year after year, lip glosses lose their fame overtime. Thanks to social influencers from different social media platforms, lip glosses found their way back to glory and fame AGAIN!

As a result of the numerous start-up businesses and long-established makeup companies, a plethora of new brands and formulations have entered the lip gloss market.

In short, plenty of lip glosses are available in the market and it is overwhelming to choose which is which. Well, that’s not a problem anymore! Here, I will help you pick the top 6 brands that will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Lip Gloss vs Lip Balm

Lip glosses make your lips shine and sparkle

Lip balms are made to keep your lips healthy, while lip glosses make your lips shine and sparkle. Lip balms make your lips smooth and soft because they are made with natural ingredients like body butter, essential oils, etc. Lip glosses, on the other hand, give your lips a striking effect or look. But both products could have the same ingredients depending on the manufacturer. 

Can you wear lip balm and lip gloss at the same time?

It is truly hard to aim for that luscious, shiny sheen, but on the other side, your lips are cracked. Apply a small balm before applying the gloss. You’ll gain hydration, and the gloss’s pigment will stick better to the balm’s waxy consistency.

Nyx Vs Elf

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Butter Gloss, Non-Sticky Lip Gloss


Skin Type: All

Finish Type: Glossy

Formulation: Creamy

Product Size: 0.27 fl.oz. (1 count)

✓ Cruelty-Free Manufacturing

✓ Good Pricing

✓ Worth Your Money!

✗ Some shades are a little light in color

E.l.f. Lip Plumping Gloss

Brand: e.l.f.

Skin Type: All

Finish Type: Glossy

Formulation: High-Shine Lip Plumping

Product Size: 0.09 fl.oz. (1 count)

✓ Vegan And Cruelty-Free Manufacturing

✗ Temporary tingle after application

L’Oreal vs Maybelline

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Tinted Lip Balm-in-Gloss

Brand: L’Oreal Paris

Skin Type: All

Finish Type: Glossy

Formulation: Non-sticky

Product Size: 0.23 fl.oz. (1 count)

✓ Hydrating

✓ Tinted Lip Gloss with 12 buildable shades

✓ With added Hyaluronic Acid

✓ Worth Your Money!

✗ No artificial scent added, might be good if they would add a gentle one

Maybelline Lifter Gloss

Brand: e.l.f.

Skin Type: All

Finish Type: Sheer

Formulation: Creamy

Product Size: 0.18 fl.oz. (1 count)

✓ With added Hyaluronic Acid

✓ Available in 20 Hydrating shades

✓ Worth Your Money!

✗ May sometimes feel sticky

Broadway vs Revlon

Broadway Vita-Lip Clear Lip Gloss

Brand: Broadway

Skin Type: All

Finish Type: Glossy

Formulation: Oil Non-sticky Formula

Product Size: 0.47 fl.oz. (8 counts in a pack)

✓ Vitamin Oil Enriched lip gloss

✓ Moisturizes and soothes

✓ With added Hyaluronic Acid

✓ Worth Your Money!

✗ May sometimes feel thick and sticky

Lip Gloss Set by Revlon

Brand: Nicka K New York

Skin Type: Combination, Dry, and Normal

Finish Type: Cream

Formulation: Cream

Product Size: 0.13 fl.oz. (5 counts in a pack)

✓ Flexible Tip Wand

✓ High Shine, Non-sticky Lip Gloss

✓ Worth Your Money!

✗ Applicator is big and it might not be suitable for people with small lips

So, what’s the best?

It’s all up to you! For me, I would choose the Nyx Professional Butter Gloss. It’s cruelty-free, which is in accordance with my animal welfare beliefs. Perfect for all skin types and has a creamy texture. 

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